Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Public Letter to Every Kind of Jew Around the World

Dear brothers and sisters in Adam,

I am writing because I am a friend of the Messiah.   Yes, indeed.  He is the One that has come, lived and died.  Indeed He rose bodily from the dead.  He lived as God-man where He was not Someone who was spiritually dead as He walked along the way like all of us touching our natures from conception, but He died through His own power to turn death backwards.  

He rose bodily from the dead: namely, He put death to destruction by His bodily resurrection and His bodily ascension that refers to gathering His people from all parts of the world.  

Moses would ask God to blot himself out of God's book for Israel to be spiritually saved through Messiah but St. Paul would want to be accursed so you would believe.  I would ask of God "Good Lord, use me according to Your Word.   Show them Jesus was blotted out of God's mercy and became accursed as he hang upon the Tree so they may believe and repent to the Three in One and One in Three."  Amen.

It breaks down like this:

1.)  Jesus is God the Son who became man unto sinless...

2.) He had a miraculous conception by the Spirit through the Young Virgin Mary...

3.)  He lived a sinless life to earn spiritual salvation where everyone has failed to keep the law perfectly...

4.)  He died a perfect death to be the ultimate Lamb of God to pay for sin to the Father in appeasement and removing sin as far as the east is from the west...

5.)  He bodily rose from the dead to destroy death....

6.)  Rest in the God-man by faith and repentance that works by a love of good...

7.)  Nothing adds to His imputed unified righteousness but demonstrates a foredetermined faith...

May the good Lord help you understand.

Peace be with you,

Prof MA Petillo,
Doctor of Theology
Click here (Keith Green Read the New Testament and Came to Jesus Christ as a Jew):

"You love the World (and you're avoiding me), keith green.wmv"
English in Hebrew:

אחים ואחיות יקריםבאדם,אני כותב כי אניחבר שלהמשיח. כן, בהחלט. הוא זהשהגיע, חי ומת . ואכן הוא קם מן המתים גופניים . הוא חי כפי שאלוהים של איש שבו הוא לא היה מישהו שהיה מת מבחינה רוחניתכהוא הלך לאורך הדרך כמו כולנו נוגעים בטבע שלנומתפיסה , אבל הוא מתבכוחו שלו כדי להפוך את מותו לאחור.הוא קם מן המתים בגוף : כלומר, הוא הכניס את המוותלהרס על ידי תחייתו הגופניתוההתעלות שלו הגופנית המתייחסת לאיסוף האנשים שלו מכל חלקיהעולם.משה היה שואל את אלוהים כדי למחוק את עצמו בספרו של אלוהיםלישראל כדי להינצל מבחינה רוחנית דרך משיח, אבל סנט פול הייתי רוצה להיות מקוללת , כך שאתה לא תאמין . אני היית מבקש מאלוהים "אלוהים אדיר, להשתמש בי כדברך . הראה להם ישו היה מחק את רחמיו של אלוהיםוהפך מקוללת כמו שהוא תולה עלהעץ ולכן הם יכולים להאמיןולחזור בתשובהלשלוש באחדואחד מכל שלוש . " אמן.זה מתפרק ככה:1 . ) ישוע הוא אלוהים הבן שהפך לאיש אל חטא ...2 . ) לא היה לותפיסה מופלאה על ידיהרוח באמצעותמרים בתול הצעיר ...3 . ) הוא חיחיים ללא חטא כדי להרוויח ישועה רוחנית שבו כולם נכשל כדי לשמור עלהחוק בצורה מושלמת ...4 . ) הוא מתמוות מושלם להיות השה האולטימטיבי של אלוהים לשלם עבור חטאלאבבפייסנות והסרה חטא ככלמזרח מהמערב ...5 . ) הוא גוף קם מן המתים כדי להרוס את המוות ....6 . ) תנוחבאלוהים , האיש באמונה ותשובהשעובדת על ידיאהבה טובה ...7 . ) שום דבר לא מוסיף לצדקה המאוחדת הזקופה שלו , אבל ממחישאת האמונה foredetermined ...ייתכןשאל הטוב יעזרו לך להבין .שלום לך ,פרופ ' MA Petillo ,  
 דוקטור לתיאולוגיה

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Straight Talk Letter to the "French Council of the Muslim Faith"

A Letter in Arabic Translated into English

Dear French Council of the Muslim Faith,

النعمة والسلام من الإله المتجسد أكون معكم.
The grace and peace of Incarnate Deity be with you. 

 سأبقي هذه المذكرة التي كنت تجرؤ أن تكتب لكم، ولكن حبا للإله المتجسد الحقيقية لقد
 قررت أن أكتب وأطلعكم على أن بر موحد الوحيد للرجل الله فقط هو كيف أنت على حق مع
 الله المقدسة وأن نرى طبيعة الإنسان كما السار هو أن يغيب تماما ما هو أساسي وحيد هو
 ميزة مزايا من خلال شخص حقيقي وعمل يسوع المسيح لكفارة والاستعطاف الذي يعطي
                                               شرف حقيقي ومجد منقطع النظير إلى الحمل الحقيقي 
I will keep this brief that I dare should write to you, but out of love for real Incarnate Deity I have decided to write and share with you that the sole unified righteousness of the only God-man is how you are right with a holy God and to see man's nature as good is to totally miss the sole essential of the merit of merits through the real person and work of Jesus Christ for expiation and propitiation that gives real honor and glory to the true matchless Lamb

أدعو الله أن يوقظ الله الكريم لكم من النوم الروحية في سبات التي لا يمكن إلا أن استيقظ من
                                                             الروح والكلمة
I pray that a holy God awakens you out of spiritual sleep in a sleep that can only be awakened by the Spirit and the Word

اذا واصلتم تعزيز الإسلام، بل هو استمرار الجرم ضد أحد الحقيقية المقدسة الثالوث الله
If you keep promoting Islam, it is a continued offense against a real holy Triune God


لا الله إلا الثالوث،
Not Allah but the Trinity,

M.A. Petillo, D.Th.
Christian Evangelist

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Romam Effugere (Escape Rome): A Straight Talk Letter to His Eminence Karl Josef Becker S.J.

A Letter in Latin Translated into English

Dear His Eminence Becker,

Iesu gratia vobis et pax 
Grace and peace of Jesus be unto you.

cur Romam Bible adhuc adstringunt
Why is the Bible still chained to Rome?

Aut quomodo potest homo peccator dedit redemptionem semetipsum in solam Christi justitiam addere
How can a sinner give a ransom for himself or add to the sole righteousness of Christ?

Corde tuo indicabo tibi secreta non ceciderunt una, unum non addit supra meritum Christi

Doesn't the secrets of your fallen heart show you that you cannot add to the sole unified merit of Christ?

Ego annuntio vobis non solum Evangelium Dei in vanum reflectitur per incrementa
Do I not proclaim to you the sole God-centered gospel of Christ [but] in vain by your additions?

Quomodo potest aliquid addi scripturis unaddable atque incommutabiles in unica biblicorum
How can something be added to the unaddable and unchangable in the sole biblical Scriptures?

Nonne Romae additae reflectitur necessitate salutis Christi erectae ad quam sola Dei sancti qui recta

Isn't the man-centered additions of rome for salvation enough to understand the sole necessity of Christ for how someone is right with a holy God?

Addit ad meritum Christi Romam illegitime 
Rome's merit unlawfully adds to Christ 

Quid aliud iustitia est unica et vera

What other sole and genuine righteousness is there?

Obsecro effugere Romanorum, quoniam iustitiam a saeculis in se decipi solum evangelium filios damnavit Diotrephes

I urge you to escape from Rome, because she has for centuries compromised the gospel of His sole righteousness from within Himself that has damned the children of Diotrephes 

Noli credere quod Christus Iesus adiecit deseruit sperantes in terris. Valete.
Do not trust a hope in adding to Jesus Christ because it has forsaken these lands.  Farewell.

Non Agni soli Mariae et sanctorum
The Lamb alone not Mary and the saints,

Dr. MA Petillo
Reformed Baptist Preacher 

Infernus de cælo pluvias
"Hell will rain out of heaven"

Monday, September 23, 2013

A Straight Talk Letter to Pope Francis I

                                                                Monday, April 01, 2013

Dear Pope Francis,

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ the great God and awesome Savior!   Although I am a nobody, I think it should be our greatest importance to explain to the public in basic and yet profound terms on how we are right with God.  We can’t be right with God through our own human works and sacred faith; that is, our very works are stained with deep corruption and deep defilement.  The best of human goodness is not equal with God’s best of supreme goodness.  Man may see himself good in light of man’s own works in comparison, but in light of God’s divine righteousness it is nothing and completely opposed to Him and His holiness.  We see in the Old Testament that Noah, Daniel and Job could not meet the Roman test of extra merit (Ezekiel 14:14; 14:20).  That is, we need the profound and extraordinary unified merit of Jesus Christ alone in His active and passive obedience by grace through faith alone!  We desperately need His imputed forensic and legal righteousness; that is, it can’t be a legal fiction because it is Jesus’ real righteousness and only if its true righteousness.  Who would dare say that Jesus’ righteousness is not real and true?   May God richly bless you and help you see His divine truth! 

The grace, love, comfort and peace of Jesus at His sacred Cross be with you!

In Christ alone,
Michael A. Petillo,
AA, BS, BA, MA, MA, DTh, Cert. Apol.

Reformed Baptist Evangelist

A Straight Talk Letter to Archbishop Chaput

                                                                  Monday, August 26, 2013

Dear Archbishop Chaput,

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ the only Redeemer and Creator!  My profoundest extension of Christian love to you in the clear testimony of the divine Word about justification by faith alone:  grace and peace! 

I am respectfully writing in behalf of the honor of Jesus Christ regarding sound doctrine and Christian living, and a profound legitimate concern I have regarding adherence to Roman doctrine in how someone is right with a holy God.  This is a matter that separates the gulf of heaven and hell. 

We are called to use our minds to glorify a holy God in the simplicity of Christ (2 Cor 11:3).  The simplicity of Christ involves trained workmen not ashamed that rightly handles the written Scriptures (2 Tim 2:15) through the clear testimony of the divine Word (Job 33:3).

The perpetuity of the written and infallible Scriptures demonstrates spiritual redemption by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone for the glory of God alone by Scripture alone.  Rome has condemned this teaching at the unrevoked Council of Trent in the unfortunate pronouncements of anathemas.  The gospel is not preserved through the naked assertion of the Roman church alone.  Rather we ought to apprehend the plain meaning of the written Scriptures alone.  I urge you to mediate on the post-moral theology of Pope Francis I, for example, on righteous judgment (Jn 7:24).  The current pope has erred in excusing gay leadership in tolerance of the ways of Sodom where God alone rained hell out of heaven (Gen 19:28).  This example is a clear doctrine of a preeminent view over the supremacy of the written Scriptures in the author’s intended meaning as a doctrine of Diotrephes where the Apostle John writes of his apostolic condemnation (3 Jn 11).

The Bible does not command the preaching of additions to Christ in justification by faith alone (Rom 4ff).  Rather the written Scriptures plainly declare the simplicity of the central and exclusive supremacy of Christ alone because He is the First in all things (Col. 1:18) but we should also honor the solidarity of the exclusivity of Christ alone (Acts 4:12) not works in anyway (Rom 9:11, 16; Gal 2:16) in how someone is right with God through the divine imputed unified merit of the divine Incarnate Savior alone (Phil. 3:9) through the spiritual and free application of the Spirit of God (Tit 3:5) that accompanies the written Word (Jn 3) in changing the heart and mind of radically corrupt sinners (Acts 16:14) who are unable to cooperate in anyway with a holy God because of spiritual deadness (Eph 2ff).

I respectfully urge you to stand on the side of the purity, unity and peace of the imputed unified merit of Christ alone in how someone is right with God like Cardinal Bellarmine who advocated the Reformed view of imputation by “Et hoc modo non esset absurdum, si quis diceret nobis imputari Christi justitiam et merita; cum nobis donentur et applicentur; ac si nos ipsi Deo satisfecissemus.” Roberti Bellarmini, Opera Omnia, De Controversiis, Tomus Quartus, Pars Prima, De Justificatione (Neapoli: Apud Josephum Giuliano, 1858), Liber II, Caput 10, p. 523.

I dare not write as an equal to you in providential status (but Scripture says not one is above another because all are in some sense equally depraved sinners touching original sin) but out of the honor and dignity of Christ my Creator and Redeemer in the doctrine of Christian humility, I am profoundly concerned for your spiritual warfare as a fellow human being and as a Christian in light of the Roman misusage of the handling of the written Scriptures through the misdirection of unbridled tradition devoid of the consent of the testimony of the early fathers on papal supremacy.

If you give me an opportunity to speak with you, I would be honored to converse if you have time.  Whatever the case you have my best prayers in your behalf.  Farewell.

The grace and peace of Jesus be with you.

To God alone be the glory,
Dr. MA Petillo

Reformed Baptist

A Straight Talk Letter to Cardinal Dolan

                                                              Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Dear Cardinal Dolan,

The grace and peace of my Savior and Creator Jesus Christ be with you!

With God-honoring love and respect, I am writing out of concerned-bound love for the lost souls of your establishment in Romanism based on the evidence of additions in light of forgiveness through the Roman practice of indulgences (regarding the exclusiveness of Christ alone in Rom 11:6; Heb 1:3; Eph 5:27 compare to Indulgentiarum Doctrina) to the sole grounds concerning redemption in how someone is right with God: namely, the perfect life (Jn 8:46) and death of Christ alone (Jn 19:30). 

We also speak of “particular repentance” to be “right” or at “peace” with the Blessed Trinity alone (Mk 1:15; Mt 28:19) but this does not add to the person and work of Christ alone in the nature of justification (Gal 2:20) but demonstrates faith (Eph. 2:10; Js 2ff) not a meritorious demonstrating repentance nor personal redemptive suffering, because Christ alone suffered redemptively in behalf of His elect alone (Is. 53ff; Mt 1:21).

I have knowledge (not equal to Scripture but subordinate to the written Word alone) from His providential care that the souls of the Catholic leadership are all in spiritual and cosmic danger touching salvational doctrine in how someone is right with God (see 3 Jn 11 compare to CCC 862/883/896/939).  That is, the Bible speaks about the early establishment of false teachers that form an ungodly line of papal succession that began with Diotrephes in which the apostle John pronounces his apostolic condemnation (Gal. 2:4; 3 Jn 9-11) because he does not receive those of grace alone (Rom. 9:16) through faith alone (Eph 2:8-9) in Christ alone (Phil. 3:9) on Scripture alone (2 Tim 3:16-17) for God’s glory alone (Rom. 11:36). 

For example, a doctrine of Diotrephes would be Canon 9, 12, 14, 23, 24, 30, 33 of the Council of Trent on the nature of justification in which he excludes the Christian faithful (and we also see abandonment of “spiritual reasoning” in light of CCC 841 in the blind adherence to Islam even with their hatred of the Cross of Jesus Christ and exclusive belief in the God-man in Acts 4:12).  In papal documents, Holy Mother Church decides what is and what is not the meaning of Scripture (Trent, Session 4, "Decree Concerning the Edition, and the Use, of the Sacred Books").  Contrary to the written Word alone (2 Tim 3:16-17), we are called to search the plain Scriptures with anyone (Acts 17:11) through examination unto what is good (1 Thess 5:21; 2 Tim 3:16-17).

Moreover, the unanimous consent of the early fathers was the supreme infallible authority of the written Scriptures over anyone or any church (see Jn 10:35 and for example, Ambrose on the exclusiveness of the written Word in the reference (NPNF2, Vol. 10, Ambrose, On the Duties of the Clergy, Book I, Chapter 23, section 102) though there were papal forgeries (see reference Johann Joseph Ignaz von Döllinger, The Pope and the Council (Boston: Roberts, 1870), pp. 76-77, 79, 115-116).  Hence I would respectfully suggest to you that you abandon your cosmic and spiritual trust in the unbiblical leadership of the papacy and the Vatican over the Scriptures (that is, look to the supreme and only Rock Jesus Christ of Mt 16)!  I genuinely care for you as a fellow human being and where you will spend eternity. 

We are spiritually called to submit to the divine supremacy and perpetuity and sufficiency and centrality of the written Scriptures alone.  I would also suggest to you that Rome has evidenced herself through evil living of the past and current popes (and other Papists in light of Mt 7:16; 7:20) without the all-atoning shed blood of Christ alone at His Cross alone for remission of sin (1 Jn 1:7) in her cosmic rebellion against the gospel-centered Scriptures (Gal 6:14) in a furtherance of sexual and unjust and secret crimes (an example 2 Sam 13:14). 

We all still have a right to the freedom of religion in our “democracy”, but I am calling you to the plainness and clearness of the written Word alone by the providential work of God’s Spirit-revealed knowledge of your eternal state, For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them” (Rom 1:19 ESV).  Hence God providentially reveals His divine truth to the unregenerate who cannot respond with a free-willism or personal effort-driven faith (Heb 12:17; Rom 9:11, 16) accompanying the clearness of His Word (Jn 3:36) unless He supernaturally accomplishes His free work of salvation (Is 55ff) devoid of any works of satisfaction or meritorious works in the nature of justification (Jn 1:13; Rom 9:11, 16; Tit 3:5; Rom 4ff; Eph 2:8-9). 

Glorification is not through the flames of purgatory.  Rather past glorification is spiritual knowledge on the written Word alone that you are child of God now (1 Jn 5:13) devoid of all works (2 Tim 1:9) that one day God will solely glorify Himself in the alone God-caused radical, complete, abundant, instantaneous, supernatural, sinless, spiritual and divinely authentic proliferation (Jn 17:10; Gal 2:20) regarding the glorified-centralized-exaltation (Rom 8:30) of the only true, valid and actual merits of merits: namely, the unified divine righteousness of Jesus Christ alone (Rom 3ff) not the satisfaction won by the Virgin Mary and the saints (CCC 1477).  That is, in the final scripturally-consistent analysis I will be completely robed in the unified righteousness of the Incarnate Creator alone where no charge avails by Satan or ungodly men (Rom 8:33) because by nature man’s “goodness” is filthy rages (Zech 3:3-4) compared to the truly and only glorified-perfected unified merit of Christ alone (Gal 2:21; 3:6; Js 2:23)!

Kind sir, the world is in desperate need of the true gospel not a muddled presentation of the good news of Jesus Christ.  It is not whether it is Protestant or Catholic.  Rather it is what the author’s intended meaning of the written Word is referring to about God.  Whoever we are, we are called to study the written Word to be approved of God rightly handling the written Word of Truth (2 Tim 2:15).  The papacy is an obstacle for people because of the radically corrupt nature of man (Ps 53ff; Rom 3ff), but God is even working these things together for the good of His people. 

With love and respect, it is my prayer that one day the Roman leadership will return back to the Book of Romans (because their doctrine today makes Rome the true schismatic), but to be brought to the gospel alone (Rom 1:16-17) not man-made tradition in order to be “strong and courageous” to led to a spiritual reformation on the muddled perversity of Roman teaching in their radically broad doctrines that only produce empty souls.

If you give me the privilege of your response, I would enjoy hearing back from you if your schedule permits. 

May God grant you the unmerited and unbreakable state of His imputed unified merit of Christ alone through the alone means of the Spirit-and-Word-born gift of faith alone!  Grace and peace unto you!

To God alone be the glory,
Dr. MA Petillo
Reformed Baptist